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Grayson botts, LPCA

Serving the Hurstbourne Village Location

Hi, everyone! I'm Grayson, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. Most of my experience is with adolescents diagnosed with varying mood disorders, personality disorders, or trauma backgrounds, but I love working with clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, and diagnoses. I tend to pull from an array of modalities depending on each client's range of symptoms, some of which include CBT, DBT, person-centered, and expressive therapies.

I aim to create a safe, comfortable environment for all clients. Building good rapport is one of the most important elements of therapy in my personal experience (as both a therapist AND as a client). Without a solid therapeutic alliance, making progress in sessions is a lot more difficult than you'd anticipate. So with that being said, I'll be here as an objective & unbiased professional to help you along your therapeutic journey. Even if things may seem difficult or impossible, there's always potential to make positive changes with time & patience, especially in a therapeutic setting. 

A bit about me: I have the biggest sweet tooth on earth & will (almost) never turn down a concert. When I'm not eating candy or dancing at a music festival, I spend most of my time drawing or lounging with my 2 cats, Beetle & Hopper. They're as demanding, if not more, than tiny humans, so my hands are quite full. 

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