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Anger Management: Ways to Combat Your Temper

Do you sometimes feel like your emotions control you? Do you find it hard to handle your emotions, specifically anger? For some, strong emotions can be hard to process and even harder to handle. While anger prevention and control are well within your reach, you don’t have to go through it alone. Joining a program or therapy are effective ways to start anger management, but there are also techniques to practice at home.

The first step to this process is identifying root issues that may be triggering your anger. This may be a recurring issue or small things that just pop up that irritate a larger underlying problem. Whether it is an internal or external factor, a good question to start with is this issue something that I can change? This problem may be an environment, a person, an event, or a behavior. Regardless, the first step to regaining control over your emotions is figuring out exactly what your stressors are and focusing on positively addressing them.

Ways to curb anger

Here are some daily activities or special resources you may try as you continue on your anger management journey.

Working out

This releases endorphins, and it creates a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, if you go to the gym you will be around other people but at home workouts can work as well. Exercise can help relieve stress and tension in the body which can help soothe the mind.


For some, taking the route of non verbally expressing themselves is best for when they need an outlet. Whether the subject of your art is your problem or stressor at the moment is up to you. Distancing yourself from the problem by painting something completely new may be relaxing and a time where you can control something and reflect.

Change surroundings

Going on a walk, taking a drive, going to a store, or getting food can create a small change in scenery and help put things into perspective.


Getting all that is on your mind onto paper by writing may help slow down your thoughts. Journaling can be like talking to a friend without feeling like you're venting to someone and there’s always the possibility of sharing the journal with a trusted friend or therapist later.

Rage rooms

A great resource for safe breaking and smashing. This mimics a workout and releases endorphins to promote feelings of calm and happiness to counter the anger. Additionally, you see the physical results of your actions so it feels like it's not just in your head.

Sing or scream

Maybe you don't even have words to describe your anger or what is going on in your head, but at least getting something out can be very therapeutic. Whether your music helps calm you down or hype you up, it can be a great way to change your mood for the better.

Knowing what will work best for you is very important when you are actively working on managing your anger. If you can identify when you start feeling strong emotions, you already know what to do wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Even telling a close friend what that solution is may help when you feel like you're too upset to help yourself. Anger management is certainly attainable, and these suggestions, paired with a certified counselor, can certainly help you in your own journey.

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